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Software Services Company, delivering world-class software solutions. As a software and product development company, we offer custom software development services, mobile app development and SaaS solutions along verticals and businesses.

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Protorix specializes in strategy, creative design, innovative technology and impeccable quality.
Mobile App Development

Launch your new mobile based business or move your existing business to a mobile first approach in just a matter of few weeks. Our expert team will handcraft the perfect solution for your needs.

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Web Development

Custom web apps that saves time and lets you focus on your business. Simple web tools, Complex dashboards, CRMs, Automation bots, Internal process management tools.. We got you covered

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E-commerce Development

Convert your existing offline business to an online store or start a new online store business with our end to end e-commerce solution. Get unmatched ROI and conversion rates with our highly optimized, tried and tested UX design.

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We started this company 3 years ago out of a desire to design build amazing products.
Simple work process
We provide services of quality and value


We begin with a detailed requirement analysis to understand your objective & scope.



Project planning is one of the most important phase in a custom software development process. Understanding your business and your customers is crucial to develop an intuitive, end to end solution for your needs.


Design & Develop

After proper planning, our designers comes up with wireframes and UI designs. These designs are then developed into actual code by our highly skilled developers!


Testing Phase

The web / mobile app after development is tested for various vulnerabilities, bugs, performance metrics, etc. If any issues are discovered, it is fixed in this phase. This process makes sure that the software works the best in every situation.


The Awaited Launch!

Finally! The software is ready to be launched at this point of time. Web apps are hosted and launched to the public internet. Mobile apps are submitted for review on Play store (Android) and App store (iOS). Congratulations!


After Launch Support

After launch is where the real journey begins, as your customers start to use the amazing solutions that we built. We are available 24x7 to fix any bugs that might arise or just to answer your queries just to make sure everything works fine.

Hassle free flow
What is it like to work with us?
Sprint Manager

We work in sprints to have more control over the project scope. We follow scrum architecture for our projects. Managers plan out sprints on a weekly basis and ensure on-time delivery.

Daily Update

We communicate daily to keep you updated with our work. Every morning we do stand-up’s to discuss ongoing & upcoming tasks to ensure quantitative progress.

Quality Analysis

We take a pragmatic approach towards quality analysis that is not only focused on bugs or mitigating the security risks but also aimed at meeting the quality testing standards.


We offer full support after you go live. Our support team will help you with bugfixes & walkarounds.

What Our Clients Say?
Pitambar Goyal

quote-leftAt every step, Protorix put their highly impressive skill and experience on display. Their portfolio built high expectations, all of which they immediately exceeded in every way. quote-right

Pitambar Goyal

Centaur Education

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Jose Hernandez

quote-left From my experience working with Protorix India, they were a true blessing for me! I had and lost alot of time and money that was totally wasted! Protorix turned that mess around for me! Thank you Protorix!! quote-right

Jose Hernandez

My Guardian Angel GPS

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Gerardo Sanchez

quote-left If anyone needs a simple and elegant solution for a business problem, then Protorix is the right choice. Young, talented team with clear vision and expertise in providing right IT solutions. quote-right

Gerardo Sanchez

Painting Houses Diaz

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Frequently asked questions(FAQ)
Don’t Worry, We are here to help you. Starting with a detailed analysis of your idea of transforming it into a product.
We have customized partnership models, so be it development, enhancement or Maintainance. You’re covered.
Based on the requirement of your web app, like what functionalities are needed and what suits your business model the best. Do you already know what you want? Even Better!
Using Github/Bitbucket.
We use tools like Slack, Jira, Zeplin, and Invision which are used as standard across the industry.
They trusted us

We are as excited as you about your new project!