Flutter is an open-source framework created by Google for developing mobile applications. It can be used to develop both Android and iOS applications. The apps built using flutter are written in dart language. The Flutter applications can be developed directly from Android studio by configuring flutter SDK in it. Follow this guide to build your first flutter app.

First Flutter App – Prerequisite :

-Android studio

-Flutter sdk

Flutter SDK can be downloaded from the official site. It is available for all the operating systems. The current stable release version of flutter is 1.7.


  1. Download the flutter SDK from this link:
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file to your desired location
  3. Run the Set path for flutter SDK from the terminal
  4. After configuring the path run flutter doctor in the terminal to check for the dependencies you need to install.
  5. Now we have to configure android studio to run flutter applications. Go to Android Studio -> preferences ->plugin and search for flutter and dart plugins and install it.
  6. All set and done !! Now restart the android studio to have the effect of the changes.

Once you launch android studio you would be able to see the changes. To create a new flutter project selectstart new flutter project.

Next up Choose flutter Application from the list.

In this tab specify the project name and select the installed SDK location of flutter and the saving location of your project.

In the last step specify the company domain name to use in the project and hit finish.

Now you have created your first project. The flutter sdk creates the project with an initial directory structure. All the dart files for the app goes inside the lib directory.

After that, you can run the application the with basic template by running the main.dart file from the lib folder.

In order to run the application, you need to connect an android device to your system or you can run it in the emulator by configuring it. Here’s the screenshot of the sample app that runs on emulator.

That’s it !! It’s done !! We have built the first flutter app using Android studio. Its just a simple app and more complex app can be built easily using flutter framework. Like this guide? Share this with your friends and hit a clap 👏🏻

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