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Modern applications that transform the digital world

Create flexible, scalable, user-friendly, predominately cloud-based web and mobile flutter applications with us.

Empower your customers

Smarter mobile applications to empower users

User experience is the #1 priority in our product design as it is the foundation of empowerment.

User Experience

Real eCommerce adventure to sell things online the best way

Digitize your stores with eCommerce website, streamline your operations and run business smoothly.

eCommerce applications

Turn your online business ideas to reality

Explore digital scope together with our experience, technical expertise, great skills and unique design.

Digital Scope

About Protorix

Your digital associate who helps you meet your business goals through technology

Know Us

The first-class flutter app development company with a worldwide presence. Protorix is the best bet between clients globally. We help you leverage technology by developing highly enthralling web and mobile applications that meet your unique business requirements. We cater custom mobile app development solutions to a broad spectrum of projects.


A conceptual and technical rundown to help you understand how we build your project.

Our dynamic and fully-featured websites and mobile applications are developed using a multitude of programming languages and tools

Mobile App Development

Launch your new mobile-based business or move your existing business to a mobile-first approach in just a matter of a few weeks. Our expert team will handcraft the perfect solution for your needs.

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Web Development

Custom web apps that saves time and lets you focus on your business. Simple web tools, Complex dashboards, CRMs, Automation bots, Internal process management tools.. We got you covered

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eCommerce Development

Convert your existing offline business to an online store or start a new online store business with our end to end eCommerce solution. Get unmatched ROI and conversion rates with our highly optimized, tried and tested UX design.

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Improve Brand Perception

Your website creates an initial perception of your business, for your customers. A modern website can improve the first impression of your brand on your customers and therefore your business straight away. We create contemporary sites that establish your website as a modern business


Security Integration

In terms of website security, we keep up with the ever-advancing IT environment taking care of the updates needed. With modern websites, it is easier to update, as plug-ins and software are used to preserve your valuable data and keep your site away from hackers.


Search Engine Optimization

With the constantly changing and evolving search engine algorithms, you need to create content in line with the latest SEO requirements. The multiple plugins and tools used on modern websites help you maximize the position of your business in search engine rankings.


Responsive Design

A responsive website design is an integral part of a modern website, as smart gadgets like smartphones and tablets have changed the way people browse on the internet.


Improved Usability

Modern websites are usually well structured and are persuasive, easy to navigate reducing website bounces & increasing prospective leads, engagement. Developing a modern website makes the browsing experience more valuable and enjoyable.


Why Work With Us?

With so many ways to build web and mobile applications, choose experts who provide the best solution for your app development strategy.
  • Design principle

    We create a design with core principles of modern development such as building apps out of small and discrete components, maximize developer productivity with developer-oriented approach and build networked application moving towards a networked future

  • User-centric

    Our customer-centric business strategy increases existing customer value, reduces churn, and promotes new value for users, not just for the buyer of the application

  • Ergonomic

    Our ergonomic application design solution is efficient and tailored to end-user demands improving their engagement while promoting responsibility and accountability

  • Purpose-defined

    We excel at designing an application that identifies task’s user will perform and fulfill the primary goals the user needs, not just technology objectives

  • Intuitive

    We develop intuitively designed applications making the interaction between a specific user and the design more simple, quick and easy

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Sam Manivannan

Sam Manivannan

President, Conflowence LLC
Chicago, IL

quote-left Protorix is a solid company with great business ethics and response time. I have used them for our company's website and other digital needs, and have recommended them to associates for mobile apps development who in turn were grateful for the referral and appreciative of the work rendered. Neil is a reliable leader that I would gladly work with again for any future needs. quote-right

(via Google Reviews)
Jose Hernandez

Jose Hernandez

My Guardian Angel GPS

quote-left From my experience working with Protorix India, they were a true blessing for me! I had and lost alot of time and money that was totally wasted! Protorix turned that mess around for me! Thank you Protorix!! quote-right

(via Google Reviews)
Gerardo Sanchez

Gerardo Sanchez

Painting Houses Diaz

quote-left If anyone needs a simple and elegant solution for a business problem, then Protorix is the right choice. Young, talented team with clear vision and expertise in providing right IT solutions. quote-right

(via Google Reviews)
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